All students, no matter which school they attend, deserve access to a well-rounded, high-quality education. As your State Board of Education representative, Jacquelyn will focus on:

- Recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers.

- Increasing the availability of early childhood education programming.

- Providing high quality education standards for all students.

- Investing in additional counseling and mental health resources within schools.

When teachers and families are supported, all students do better! With a focus on teacher and family empowerment Jacquelyn will work to:

- Restore trust in our education system through transparency and accountability.

- Support our teachers by investing in their safety and future.

- Collaborate with parents to be an advocate for students.

- Improve family access to educational resources.

Our children are our future workforce. To make sure our students are prepared for careers and life upon graduation, Jacquelyn will engage the community to:

- Develop career programs that align with the local economy.

- Create partnerships that bring community resources into schools.

- Promote trade and vocational apprentice programs throughout the state.

- Foster positive school environments where all feel welcome and accepted.

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