Born and raised in a blue-collar family, Jacquelyn Morrison was taught the
importance of hard work and respect for others from an early age. Her father, a truck driver and small business owner, frequently came home with stories of the working-class folks he met while traveling the country, the morals of which nearly always underscored the value of a solid work ethic and the ability to overcome challenges despite all odds. Jacquelyn’s mother – her greatest inspiration – showed young Jacquelyn by her example that, with a strong dedication to personal development and unwavering perseverance, one could work her way up from an entry- level data clerk to a  computer programmer. These core values – along with her own high-quality public school education – are what inspired Jacquelyn to become the first in her family to graduate college and ultimately earn her juris doctorate from the Georgetown University Law Center.

Having chosen Omaha from a list of “Best Places to Raise a Family,” Jacquelyn and her husband, Chris, were drawn to Omaha’s midwestern hospitality, high quality of life, and prosperous economy. An assistant public defender for Douglas County for over 4 years, Jacquelyn currently works as a tax attorney with the State of Nebraska, and Chris is finishing up his last year of dental school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. They are proud to have made their home in the Morton Meadows neighborhood, where their two young daughters, Kaitlyn and Leila, (and their black Labrador Retriever, Molly!) enjoy an amazing upbringing with great neighbors, good parks, and a caring community.


Jacquelyn may be new to campaigning for a political position, but she has always served as a child advocate, no matter the community or the capacity. During her undergraduate career in Washington D.C., Jacquelyn worked as an AmeriCorps tutor who helped elementary students in D.C. Public Schools overcome barriers to learning and succeed in their studies. After college, she mentored at-risk teenagers involved in the criminal justice system. In law school, she interned with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), where she assisted with the formation of the National Taskforce on Children Exposed to Violence.


Motherhood heightened Jacquelyn’s desire to serve area families even more by focusing on early childhood education issues. As a parent member of the Board at Head Start in Washington, Jacquelyn lent her voice to improve opportunities for the District’s parents, teachers, and children. Bringing to Omaha her dedication to education, Jacquelyn most recently served on the Board at Montessori Co-op School, where she supervised and managed the school's finances and operating budget. She is currently a member of the Nebraska Crime Commission’s Office of Violence Prevention, and she has also served as a mentor with Girls, Inc.’s Bold Futures Mentoring Program.

As a working mom in the legal profession, Jacquelyn has seen the best that Nebraska has to offer…and some key areas for improvement. While exploring the underlying issues that plagued many of her clients, she consistently came back to the importance of quality education for our local youth. Once again, Jacquelyn is called to advocate for the children in her community by announcing her candidacy for her District's seat on the Nebraska State Board of Education. With your support, Jacquelyn can make Nebraska a state in which all children can thrive.


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