Jacquelyn Morrison

for State Board of Education

District 4

Mom. Advocate. Attorney.

Jacquelyn R. Morrison, J.D. has made it her life’s work to advocate for those who are marginalized, whether as an experienced trial attorney, a concerned mother of two daughters, or an active member of the community. Now, with the same passion that drives her to stand up for her clients, Jacquelyn stands ready to serve as Nebraska's newest State Board of  Education member to represent District 4.

Jacquelyn knows from her own public school experience that great public schools open doors to
better futures for our children, our community, and our local economy. More of a problem solver than a politician, she has worked tirelessly with local educators, administrators, parents, and other community members to learn how to most effectively serve Nebraska families. Each conversation has come back to the same core idea: we have to focus on fundamentals before we can move forward!

By Empowering Teachers and Families, Engaging our Community, and striving for Equity in Education, Jacquelyn Morrison will offer common sense solutions to make Nebraska's education system the strongest in the nation. If you would like to be a part of this vision and political campaign, please feel free to leave your ideas, email address, or even a small donation. Together, we can make Nebraska a state that meets the needs of every child, teacher and family!



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